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Remove the back-up lamp bulb while from the body. Coolant surge tank 2. Remove the head restraint from the second row seat. CAUTION Wiper operation with obstructions, such as snow, can damage wiper With the low beam switched on, adjust the To operate the windshield wipers, move the motor. When this happens, have the system checked at the nearest Ssangyong Dealer or Ssangyong Authorized Service Center. In this mode, the engine driving force may be decreased or the engine may stall. CAUTION When the glow indicator comes on while driving or the engine can- not be started properly, have the glow plug system checked by a Ssangyong Dealer or Ssangyong Authorized Service Center. AQS AIR QUALITY SYSTEM AQS SYSTEM? The turbo- charger consists of two turbo elements, a turbine and a compressor, both of which are driven from the main center shaft. After shifting, release the clutch slowly. This protruding section indi- cates that this is the bottom of the filter. ABS warning light 4. For the process, refer to sections about the spare tire. YOU WILL RECEIVE THIS MANUAL TODAY VIA INSTANT DOWNLOAD. Do not turn off the engine while the vehicle is in motion. Istall in the reverse order of removal. Winter mode indicator 3. Vanity Mirror Swing the sun visor down and open the cover to reveal the mirror. Have all passengers get out of the vehicle and stay away from the traffic. WARNING Removed or improperly adjusted head restraints can result in serious... When this happens, stop the vehicle in a safe place and let the engine cool down. TRANSMISSION AND BRAKE SYSTEM Page 7 2006-10-03, ?AEA 2:34... Check the seat belts. FULL FLATTING THE SEAT 2. Then, the indicator in the switch comes on. Kilometers miles or time in months, whichever comes first MAINTENANCE x1,000 km INTERVAL MAINTENANCE x1,000 miles...

When an extra driving power is needed for a certain situation such as driv- ing up a steep hill or passing by...

Turn the ignition key to the position and wait mediately after starting the engine may decrease the until the glow indicator goes out. To adjust the steering wheel, push the con- trol lever to right, adjust the wheel up or down to the proper position, release the control lever to lock the wheel in place. BEFORE DRIVING YOUR CAR 1—17 WARNING Debris on the sun roof can damage operation. WARNING Removed or improperly adjusted head restraints can result in serious... SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE 8—37 FUSE Fuse Change Pull out the blown fuse by using the fuse WARNING puller from the fuse box and insert with the The use of different types or differ- same ratings of fuse. NOTE NOTE indicates information to assist maintenance and instructions. Convenience Devices TABLE OF CONTENTS Storage Boxes and Convenience Device... When parking on a hill, first, apply the park- During the winter, the engine experiences increased resis- ing brake. Drain Plug Use only Ssangyong recommended To ensure proper functioning, efficiency clutch fluid. Remove the filter cover.

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SRS AIR BAG Locations of Air Bag Warning Labels The Supplemental Restraint System air bag is designed to supplement the seat belts and provide the driver and front passenger with protection against head, chest, and other injuries in the event of a collision.
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мануалы ssang yong

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MAP POCKET FRONT DOOR REAR DOOR The map pocket is located on each front door.
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Moving Your Vehicle Only After Starting the Engine When Parking or Stopping in An Enclosed Place Move your vehicle only after having started the engine.
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Wait until a certain amount of fuel gets out from the port, a water container under it.

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