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Is there any work around. I feel this is a really very very bad behavior of Apple, since similar problems are reported since a year. The only way I can get this to work is with using a Vilage Trionic VTBook Multiple Display card. Once the driver is installed you are able to see a 3rd monitor and can juggle the order of the monitors. The problem is that the monitor that it drives is slower than using the W500 with the lid closed on just 2 monitors.

Has anyone got the W500 to work with 2 external monitors and the display on the laptop as well. I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft1 I just purchased my wife an XPS 420 with an ATI Radeon 2400 Pro.

She loaded the NEC digital driver as she is using the DVI connector on her XPS and while we can get high resolutions at lower than 60hz, we do not have the native settings available to us. When I try to access setup I get the message Video mode 103 not supported by this video card. This message was not appearing before the NEC driver was loaded. I tried your suggestions and while they did not solve my problem, they put me in the right direction.

The Multisync 20wmgx2 has a menu option to specify whether the DVI port is being used for HDTV or for PC. For whatever reason, this was set to HDTV on the monitor. When I changed it to PC, everything worked, the proper native resolution appeared in the Catalyst software and I was able to get into the DELL setup program at the new resolution.

So, It appears that the inability of the video card to recognize the DVI port might be causing the 103 error. I have a new Mac Mini with all the latest Apple OS updates and a NEC multisync LCD 400 display VGA.

Using Bootcamp assistant I partitioned the hard disk OK. I attempted to install Windows 7 not upgradeand as soon as I click Install in bootcamp assistant, my screen goes black. I believe the computer is restarting. If I turn the computer off and then On and select the Windows CD to boot from - the screen goes black. Thomas77A neighbor gave me his NEC MultiSync LCD1760v monitor which worked fine when he replaced his with a larger one. I downloaded the proper driver, and hooked it up.

The problem is that the screen comes on for a short while, then dims, then goes black. If I turn the power off and on, it will light again, but then go dim, then black again. I also learned the monitor is out-of-warranty by only three weeks Arrgh. Can anyone here advise me on anything else that might be causing this problem, and any possible remedies. I may have to go that route, or stick with my CRT, which is a fine monitor, but bulky.

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Иисусе, укрепи ны, да вземши крест свой по Тебе грядем. Иисусе, любы совершенная, утверди ны в вере и любви к Тебе. Иисусе, милосте безконечная, помилуй. Иисусе, Ты веси, яко любим Тя, но восполни скудость любве нашея от щедрот Твоих. Кондак 13 О Иисусе Христе, Свете от Света Отчаго, Ты еси любовь Божественная. Егда приидеши со Ангелы на облацех небесных с силою и славою, тогда пощади ны, грешныя, и сподоби нас быти наследники новаго небесе и новыя земли, в нихже любовь Твоя вечная живет, зовущих Тебе: Аллилуиа.

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